Walking Home From..

Ethan, an 11-year-old, wins the school science Olympiad but is disappointed when his work-focused mother, Maria, fails to attend. As he walks home alone, he encounters a van and a man named Bill claiming Maria is in the hospital. Skeptical, Ethan stalls by engaging in conversation, subtly calling his mom for help.

Bill kidnaps Ethan, tying him up in the van with a dog, Dablo. Arriving at a rundown house, Bill reveals his intention for Ethan to stay with him. In the basement, Ethan cleverly gains Bill’s trust by pretending to share interests and suggests ordering a pie from ‘Sweet Places.’ This is a coded message to his mom, who owns the cafe. The police arrive when the pie is ordered, arresting Bill and rescuing Ethan. Maria, realizing the danger, uses the code to ensure Ethan’s safety. Ethan’s quick thinking and Maria’s ingenious code ultimately save him from a dangerous situation, highlighting the importance of prioritizing children’s safety.