Two little boys walk into a drug store – Funny

One is nine years old and the other is four. The oldest boy grabs a box of tampons from the shelf and carries it to the register for check-out… The cashier asks, “Oh, these must be for your mom? ”The boy replies, “Nope, not for my mom.”

The cashier says, “Well, they must be for your sister then. ”The boy replies, “Nope, not for my sister either.” The cashier has now become curious, “Oh, not for your mom and not for your sister? Then who are they for?” The boy replies, “They’re for my little brother.” The cashier is surprised, “Your little brother?” The boy explains, “Well yeah, they say on TV if you wear one of these, you can swim or ride a bike… ” “And my little brother can’t do either of those things.”