Toby Keith Opens Up About His Battle With Stomach Cancer

Country musician Toby Keith recently detailed his stomach cancer experience on social media. Keith has had chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for six months. Despite the challenges, he thanked his friends and supporters and expressed his eagerness to see family and fans again soon.

Keith’s health raised concerns regarding his impending performances. His website listed a June 17 Wheaton, Illinois, performance. However, the Ohio State Fair canceled his engagement in Columbus on July 28.

Keith’s spokesperson, Elaine Schock, said more tour dates may be affected, although the number is unknown. In addition to his health update, Keith’s website announced the release of his latest album, “Peso in my Pocket.” The LP was released last year when pandemic restrictions halted touring. Keith said he often got song ideas while running. He reviewed music ideas on his phone, ran, and recorded his thoughts on his phone.