The person in the car that made me go pale is in the

Cathy noticed her teenage son, Alex, sporting new clothes and headphones. When asked, Alex replied, “From Dad,” but Cathy, divorced from Ian, doubted this explanation. Cathy’s curiosity led her to follow Alex when he said he was going to a friend’s house. To her shock, she saw Alex get into a car with her estranged sister, Lia. Confronting Lia, Cathy demanded, “Why are you here with my son?”

Lia explained, “I found Alex on Facebook and reached out. I thought we could mend our relationship through him.” Despite her anger, Cathy listened as Lia expressed regret and a desire to make amends. Later, Alex admitted, “Mom, I like Aunt Lia. She’s been good to me.” Cathy, realizing her son’s struggle with their divorce, invited Lia over to talk. They reminisced about their past, and Lia poured her heart out. Cathy remained upset but felt grateful Lia had supported Alex. Months later, they held family brunches to confront the past. To everyone’s surprise, their parents instantly forgave Lia. The family began to heal. Lia’s return, though initially shocking, brought unexpected healing and understanding. Cathy saw the importance of family and forgiveness, realizing that their shared history and love could help mend their broken ties.