The nun proposes an indecent suggestion to the priest

The priest, being a gentleman, said, “Due to the circumstances, let’s just share the room. I’ll sleep on the floor, you can have the bed. I’m sure God will understand”. The nun agrees and they turn off the lights to sleep.
Halfway through the night, the nun who has always had the hots for the priests gets frisky and suddenly has an idea. “Father, it’s very cold. Could you help me? I’m sure God will understand…” Hearing this, the priest gets up from the floor, gets a blanket and gives it to her.

Irritated but determined to succeed, she tries again after a few minutes. “Father, I’m still cold! Could you please help me? I’m sure God will understand…” So the priest gets up, gets a blanket and gives it to her and lies down again on the floor. By now the nun is mad enough that she throws caution to the wind. She sits up in bed and puts on a seductive pose, before saying:

“Father! It’s still cold, and no amount of blankets will help! Just for tonight, why don’t you treat me as if I were your wife? I’m sure God will understand…” The priest slowly sits up from where he lies, breathing deeply as he considers this heavy decision. “Treat you like a husband would his wife, you say?” The nun slowly nods and winks.
Then he makes up his mind and says: “ALRIGHT! GO AND GET YOUR OWN BLANKET! I’M GOING TO SLEEP!”