The lady is shocked when her friend tells her this

Two older southern women recently rekindle a friendship after many, many years.They decide to meet for tea and discuss their lives.The first older lady starts telling the second about all the wonderful things her husband has done for her over her life. “See this big ol’ ring right here on my finger? My husband bought me that, because he loves me.”

Second lady, “Well, isn’t that nice.”First lady, “See that big ol’ nice car out there? My husband bought me that, because he loves me.”

Second lady, “Well, isn’t that nice.”First lady pulls out her phone and starts showing the other pictures of her house. “See this big ol’ house right here? My husband bought me that, because he loves me.”Second lady, “Well, isn’t that nice.”

First lady, “Well now, I’ve been going on and on about my husband, what has yours done for you?”Second lady, “My husband sent me to finishing school.”
First lady, with an incredulous tone, “Now why would he do something like that?!”Second lady, “So I’d learn to say things like, ‘Well, isn’t that nice’, instead of, ‘What the fuck ever’”.

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