‘Quiet Kid’ Wows School With Perfect ‘Billie Jean’ Choreography

Even though it’s potentially incredibly frightening to perform in front of a large audience, it’s still one of the most effective routes to earn recognition amongst peers. Brett Nichols, a young prodigy, left his classmates, educators, and spectators absolutely speechless with his electrifying performance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean‘. The most remarkable thing about his dancing was the precision with which the teen replicated the King of Pop’s legendary moves, seemingly defying the laws of gravity – just like the King of Pop himself once did.

The audience was sent into a frenzy by the breathtaking choreography, unable to contain their enthusiastic applause as Brett performed. His outfit – a smart black suit, a black hat, and white socks, a combination Michael Jackson is celebrated for – enhanced his marvellous portrayal of Michael Jackson.

What truly astounded the audience was the apparent effortlessness with which Brett danced across the stage, especially when he replicated the ‘Bad‘ singer’s signature moves.