Pat Sajak discusses his health problems

A month after undergoing emergency surgery for a blocked bowel, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak spills the beans. In his first interview since the operation, Sajak told “Good Morning America” that he felt he would die moments before the surgery.

In November, the game show host began to endure “excruciating” agony while out for a morning stroll with his daughter. He was doubled over in pain hours later, about to enter surgery. “It turns out that I was merely high,” he laughed. “Good Morning America,” said Sajak’s procedure was “totally successful.” He said doctors detected no underlying cause of the intestinal blockage. Therefore he doesn’t need to change his lifestyle. “I’ve been feeling extremely terrific for several weeks,” Sajak explained. “I’ve been back in the studio, doing shows. Even after spinning the wheel, nothing popped. So I believe that is OK.”