My late mom left $5 Million inheritance to my greedy..

The woman started her story saying how she was the one who took care of her mother who battled cancer. “Mom was always my best friend, so naturally, I was going to be there every step of the way while she battled this illness,” the woman wrote. However, as she was always there for her mother, her greedy brother and her aunts were only around when they needed something, usually when they wanted their bills aunt (while my mom was on a steady decline), she wanted mom’s “contacts” to sort out a new house for her. Because my mom owned a real estate agency. The audacity was unbelievable,” the woman wrote. The woman then recalled the day her mom’s will was to be read. All of her family, including her brother and her aunts, as well as her late mom’s lawyer were sit in the room that resembled a scene from a Hallmark movie.

“I was sipping a cup of weak tea from one of the chipped teacups when the lawyer dropped the bomb. Mom’s savings, about all $5 million of it, was to be split between my brother and my aunts. I choked back the tea, thinking what was happening in the name of heaven. Because I got nothing. Zip. Nada. Next, she could see the lawyer approaching her and handing her an envelope. When she opened it, the woman saw an address written on a piece of paper. She had no idea what was going on. At first, she thought it could be a location to a storage her mom wanted her to clear out. The lawyer, for one, stayed tight-lipped. He only reminded the the woman that she was the person her mom loved the most. When she got to the address, the woman realized that her mom left her a gem of a home. The house in front of her was so beautiful it resembled one from a fairytale. Even the woman’s favorite flowers were planted in the yard. “It turns out my mom knew all about how my brother and aunts were the biggest money drains. But she wanted me to have a place to build a future and a family. To make new memories in a place that clearly has her spirit,” the woman continued her story. Another letter on the kitchen table in this new home explained that the mom left the money to her son and her sister fully aware they would waste it the moment they put their hands on it, but she wanted to teach them the value of family, which would likely come as a lesson once they spent all the money they inherited. “But now, I’m standing in my new kitchen, drinking coffee from the coffee machine I always wanted, and I realize that mom’s love was never in the money — no. It was in this home, and I knew that this gift would be more valuable to me than anything else. “Hey, Mom? You still know the best.”