King Charles’ heartbreaking 4-word response about Harry

Prince Harry and King Charles met for the last time in May when the Duke was invited to his father’s coronation at Westminster Abbey. Beforehand, the talk of the town consisted of different reports on whether he would be invited or not, and once it was confirmed, speculation on what he’d say, sit, and do was dominating the media frenzy surrounding the coronation.

Everything seems to stem from what Harry has said in interviews and his book, Spare, about his family – and most notably what he’s said about William and his stepmother, Queen Camilla.

Royal experts painted a picture of Harry and Camilla not getting along initially and that they, to this day, still aren’t on the best of terms.

In her book The Palace Papers, royal author Tina Brown wrote that Harry “unnerved” Camilla.

“When the younger boy was eventually prevailed upon to be in the presence of Mrs Parker Bowles, he unnerved her with long silences and smouldering, resentful stares,” she quoted a courtier saying.

Moreover – when it was announced that Camilla was to become Queen Consort – Tina Brown claimed that Harry wouldn’t accept it.

“William has accepted Camilla in terms of what she means to his father. He’s been grown-up about it. ‘My father loves this woman, I can’t fight it, so I won’t,’” she added.