Joe went to a c**ino and lost all 10 000$. Swearing for the situation he goes to a taxi driver
and asks: I have lost all my money, please give me a ride back home for free. F** off, no money, no ride. The next day the joe come to casino again and this time he successfully won all the money back and 10 000$ extra.

Hi goes out of the casino happily and sees five taxis, and the last car is the one, which refused to give a ride for free yesterday. He goes to the first taxi and says: Will you take me home for 100$ Sure! But when you take me there you’ll have to do the bl**-job as well F*ck off, man.. Joe goes to all next three cars and the story
repeats. Finally he goes to the last taxi driver, who refused to help a day ago, and says: Will you take me home for 100$? Sure! Deal, but you have to pass through those other four taxi drivers very, very slowly.