I Hired a Private Investigator to Reveal My Husband’s..

Eileen, eager to start a family with her husband James, becomes suspicious when she notices his late-night phone calls and strange smells. Fearing infidelity, she hires a private investigator, Benson, to uncover the truth. However, Benson refuses to continue the investigation, warning Eileen of potential danger.

Determined to find answers, Eileen discovers hidden cameras in their home. Feeling betrayed and frightened, she confronts James, only to learn that he is a Secret Service agent tasked with protecting high-level government officials. James explains that the cameras were installed for their safety, not surveillance. Shocked by the revelation, Eileen struggles to comprehend the truth. James reassures her and expresses his desire to transition to a less risky role in cybersecurity, allowing them to focus on starting a family. Despite the initial shock, Eileen decides to stand by James, accepting the challenges of his profession for the sake of their relationship. With the truth finally revealed, they move forward with renewed honesty and understanding, ready to navigate the complexities of their unconventional life together.