Happy Birthday Dad!

So, old Johnny goes into the car showroom and finds the car he wants to buy: Old Johnny asks the salesman not sell the particular model till the next day, since he wants to buy it on his birthday. The salesman gives his word.

The next day Johnny goes back to the showroom only to find the car being sold to a gorgeous young lady. Old Johnny pulls over the salesman and says. “I asked you to keep this car on hold for me, Not only didn’t you keep your word, I see you also sold it to that lady at a discounted rate. ”The salesman replies. “She insisted to buy only this car, and with a discount. “Look how beautiful she is? How could I say no to her? ”The young lady interrupts them and walks up to old Johnny and gives the car keys to him. She smiles at the salesman, then turns back to old Johnny and says. “Didn’t I tell you they’d give me a discount? “Happy birthday Dad!”