Furious Woman Drags Climate Protester Off The Street By Her Hair

Protests are nothing new. For centuries protesters have raged against the machine, fighting political oppression and social injustice. Unfortunately, protesting has turned into a cottage industry in many countries, with paid professionals interrupting sporting events, concerts, political events, and just about anywhere that will get attention. In the United States in 2020, paid protesting boomed into a full-time gig for Antifa and BLM protesters. Much of the destruction done to some American cities was instigated by outside provocateurs that would whip up the locals, then pile back into their vehicles and head out of town on to their next job.

In Europe, there is a different, more subtly annoying form of protesting booming in popularity. Eco-protesters have taken to interrupting soccer matches, tennis matches, and anything else to get their message on screen. However, a much more dangerous form of protesting is becoming increasingly popular.

A climate group that dubs themselves “The Last Generation” has taken to blocking streets in Germany, often with unintentionally hilarious results. The group has even gone as far as to cement their hands to public streets in order to stop traffic.