Funny Joke – Ms. Smith’s Lab Work

A man’s wife had some lab work done by their doctor but couldn’t get in to pick up the results so she asked her husband to stop at the clinic for her. He goes in and tells the receptionist that he’s Mr. Smith and he’s here to pick up his wife’s lab results. The receptionist gets nervous and flustered and tells him to have a seat and says the doctor will be out shortly.

The husband does’t know why he would need to see the doctor, but takes a seat in the waiting room. After a few minutes, a nurse comes over to the husband and says that the doctor really needs to talk with him but is with a patient but should be available soon.

Now the husband begins to worry. After a few more minutes, the doctor approaches him and asks him to step into his office so they can have some privacy. Now the husband really starts to worry.

When they get into the office, the husband asks if there is a problem with his wife’s lab work.

The doctor says “Mr. Smith, I’m really sorry but last week when your wife came in to have her blood drawn there was another Ms. Smith who also was having her blood drawn and somehow the samples got mixed up.

I’m unable to tell you what her results are.” The husband says “Well why don’t we just run the test again?” The doctor says that the tests is quite expensive and their health insurance won’t pay for a second test.

Perplexed, the husband then asks, “Can you at least tell me the result of both tests?” The doctor thinks for a moment and then says “I suppose so. One Ms. Smith tested positive for Alzheimer’s and the other Ms. Smith tested positive for HIV.”

“My God!” says the husband. “What should I do, doctor?”

The doctor replies, “Well, if it was my wife, I would drop her off downtown to go shopping. If she came home, I wouldn’t have sex with her.”