Father In Law Asked Her so..

FATHER IN LAW ASKED HER TO HELP HIM WITH HIS WORK FOR ONE DAY. WHAT FOLLOWED NEXT LEFT HER STUNNED. So one day my father in law asked me to help him load up his truck with some garbage and help him take it to the dumps. He’s an old school Mexican in his late 50s who is one of the most righteous and generous person I have ever met.

We get there and the lady at the gate tells him the price to dump his garbage. My father in law is amazed at how high the price has become, and expresses this to the lady. She gets all rude and tells him to either pay up or turn the hell around and get out. My father in law calmly asks the lady to repeat the price one more time. She does. This man says ok, and reached over to the giant change cup filled with coins and proceeds to hand the amount over to the lady. ONE. PENNY. AT. A. TIME. When the lady tells him that he doesn’t have to do that, and that he’s holding up the line, my FIL tells her to please stop interrupting him, and that she has made him lose count. He then starts all over again, counting each coin until he finally hands over exact change. Absolute savage. Proud that he’s my father in law. Share this if you think he did the right thing.