Dad performs a life-saving transplant on his daughter to save her.

Due to a rare condition termed polycystic kidney disease (PKD), the son of Karen Rhodes and Paul Rybkin only had 36 hours to live. Cysts that develop in the kidneys as a result of this condition can lead to renal failure. When the couple became parents once more in 2013, they were overjoyed. Regrettably, Maddy was born with the same illness as her brother.

Maddy was surrounded by doctors for the majority of her first year and a half of life. Additionally, she required oxygen treatments and breathing tubes. Due to the illness, the girl’s stomach was always enlarged. Maddy was rendered helpless by all of these things, and she frequently felt tired and vomited. Doctors are starting to fear that Maddy won’t survive if they can’t find a kidney donor. Fortunately, the family received word from the physicians that the girl’s father would be a good donor. Maddy’s mother, Karen, was extremely concerned about her husband and daughter, both of whom were going under the knife.