Bishop gets furious when paper writes about his nun

There was a talent show in town, and a nun decided to compete with her trained circus cat. The jury was mightily impressed by the nun and her cat, and decided to award her with first prize. The next day, the headline in the local newspaper read, “Nun’s pussy best in town” When the bishop saw the headline, he almost choked on his coffee. He immediately called the nun and forbade her from ever performing with the cat again, and to be safe he’d take care of the cat from now on.

The next day, the headline in the local newspaper read, “Bishop takes care of nun’s pussy” This headline was simply too much for the bishop, so he gave the cat to the abbess, hoping that the whole affair would be forgotten.The next day, the headline in the local newspaper read, “Abbess has the best pussy in town”
When the bishop read the paper, he promptly fainted. When he came to, he called the nun and said that the cat couldn’t stay at the monastery any longer and that she had to get rid of it. The nun then sold the cat to a farmer for 50 dollars.

The next day, the headline in the local newspaper read, “Nun sells pussy for 50 dollars”
The bishop was at his wit’s end. In desperation, he told the nun to buy the cat back and release it in the woods so everyone could forget about the whole thing.

The next day, the headline in the local newspaper read, “Nun announces that her pussy is wild and free”
The bishop’s funeral was held the next day.
Moral of the story: Stop caring so much about what people think and say, and you’ll live a happier and longer life.
So be yourself and enjoy life! ?

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