A man was driving in a very rural area.

A man was driving in a very rural area. Suddenly he saw a sign, “St Mary’s Convent and Brothel, All Welcome, 10 miles.” He was very surprised, and when he saw the St Mary sign, he turned of and stopped in the parking lot.

He knocked on the door, and an elderly nun opened it. He said, “I am here for the brothel.” The nun just nodded and took him down a long and winding corridor. At the end, next to a door, there sat an even older nun. She said nothing, and just pointed at a small sign saying $200. He paid, and the nun opened the door and pushed him through. As the door locked behind him, he saw he was back in the parking lot, and in front of him a small sign: “You have just been screwed by the nuns of St Mary.”