A dwarf with a lisp goes to visit a stud farm.

“I’d like to buy a horth” He says to the owner of the farm. “What sort of horse?” Said the owner. “A female horth” The dwarf replies. So the owner shows him a lovely mare. “Nithe horth.” Says the dwarf, “Can I thee her eyeth?” So the owner picks up the dwarf and holds him to show him the hor ses eyes.

“Nithe eyeth.” Says the dwarf, Can I thee her teeth?” Again the owner picks up the dwarf to show him the horses teeth. “Very nithe teeth…. can I see her eerth?” The dwarf says. By now the owner is getting a little fed up but doesn’t want to risk spoiling the sale Again he picks up the dwarf to show him the horses ears. “Nithe eerth” He says. “Now. ..can I see her twot?” With this the owner picks the dwarf up by the scruff of his neck and shoves his head deep in just under the horses tail, right into the lady parts. He holds him there for a couple of seconds before pulling him out and putting him down. The dwarf shakes his head and says: “Perhaps I should weefwaze that…” “Can I see her wun awound?”