VIDEO: She enjoys cleaning and now helps women by cleaning their homes for free while traveling around the world.

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A woman enjoys cleaning so much that she quit her job and now travels the world scrubbing homes for free for women in need.

Auri Katariina left her job as a service manager at a cleaning company in Finland in the summer of 2021 to pursue her distinct passion.

«My aim is to clean for free all over the world and help others while doing something I absolutely enjoy,» said the 29-year-old, who has become something of a social media star by sharing her cleaning skills.

«I’ve always enjoyed cleaning, and two years ago I began putting videos online of me cleaning the homes of relatives and friends.

«Then, one day, a woman approached me for help because she was in such dire straits and her home was so disorganized. Her life was extremely difficult for her because she had three children and her husband had recently committed suicide.

Auri, who claims to be «in heaven» while cleaning, was overjoyed to help; in fact, she was «eager» to help.

«I cleaned her house for two days over the weekend. She was crying at the end, and her children were thanking me with hugs. Seeing the transformation of their home and happiness was the best feeling I’d ever had.

The Tampere native has traveled as far as the United States and the United Kingdom to help those in desperate need of decluttering and cleaning.

A corporate sponsor has offered to cover her expenses as a result of her 7.8 million TikTok followers and 2.1 million Instagram followers who watch her popular cleaning tips and before-and-after photos.

She chooses only the filthiest, grimiest homes of the most needy people to clean based on online requests.

«I only clean for free. My services are not for sale, and I will never charge a fee for cleaning someone’s home.

During the first six months, she was in charge of all travel and product expenses, which amounted to about 300 euros per visit. Scrub Daddy, a brand of cleaning sponges, then became a sponsor.

Auri now cleans strangers’ homes once a week for two days and creates content for her social media accounts, including lists of her best recommendations, some of which have received 24 million views.

Pictured Auri Katariina. A woman loves cleaning so much she gave up her job as a professional to travel the world and scrub homes for free. See SWNS story SWSMclean. Auri Katariina, 29, quit her job as a service manager at a cleaning company in the summer of 2021, to pursue her passion of cleaning other people’s homes for free. Auri, who says she is in «heaven» when she cleans, and visits people from all over the world to assist them clean their filthy or cluttered homes. She caught the bug when she helped a bereaved single mum declutter her home — and for months was out of pocket. But thanks to her viral videos of cleaning tips, she’s now sponsored, and it covers her expenses, but she still never charges a penny.
«Whenever I enter, I always start by removing all trash and decluttering the surfaces. I usually start by cleaning the halls so I can walk through them, but it doesn’t really matter where you start—just start!»

Some of her common housekeeping advice
Her favorite way to clean ovens and stoves is with cling film. It’s completely enchanted.

Apply oven cleaner and cling film to a dirty stove and leave it overnight; the same is true for the interior of your oven.

“Most of the time, it’s not about the product you use, but rather the time and the tools. If you have limescale in your bathroom, many people inquire about the best product to use, but the most crucial thing is a scraper and metal scouring pad.

The majority of the recommended cleaning products are basic and natural.

“I use only dish soap to clean my toilet and shower; it’s the best stuff ever. It removes grease, and since you have grease on your body in the shower, it can remove all of that.

Auri suggests that for your home office, less is more. “To clean dust, all you need is a microfiber cloth and water; it removes 99 percent of everything, so you don’t need any product.”

Her tool kit consists of only a few basic items: vinegar, dish soap, oven cleaner, power paste from Scrub Daddy, a scourer, a scraper, and a dish brush (or old toothbrush)—which is excellent for cleaning tiny crevices—a duster, microfibre cloth, and a Scrub Daddy Sponge, which is appropriately shaped like a smiley face.

She says, “Companies will want to sell you a different cleaner for each space in your home, but this is unnecessary.”

She stated that some jobs require more time than the standard two days. “One house took four days to clean since the female had lived there for six years but was too depressed to clean.

“She was such a beautiful girl, but she was so miserable that she shaved her head to avoid taking a shower. Her bathroom was completely dark, but after a whole day of cleaning, it was so much better.

“The people I assist are frequently in dire straits, but they want to change, so I assist them in taking the next step. Many individuals send me notes after six months or a year to show me their clean homes, which is wonderful.

Auri feels strongly that cleaning should be an enjoyable pastime, not a chore. Observe her perform some enchantment in this video of a disgusting toilet shambles: