Police Officer Rescues Two Kitten Siblings And They Won’t Stop Cuddling With Him

Two tiny kittens have found a new home after the long arm of the law took them out of an unexpected shelter.

The furry siblings were hiding behind the bumper of the woman’s car, and she called for help from Officers Hillard and Adkins, who happened to be driving by.

They were glad to be helped and sat down on the ground to watch the two travelers.

The woman had no idea how some little vagrants got into her car.

Adkins landed gently and managed to pick up the kittens.

The kittens meowed loudly but did not seem to be hurt.

Adkins recently won a prestigious award: the Southern District Officer of the Year Award.

At that time, he managed to bring home a beautiful trophy.

Now he had to bring home something even more precious: two little kittens.

First, Adkins brought the siblings to the vet to make sure they were okay.

They were obviously very young, so it was important to examine them properly.

Throughout the trip to the vet, the kittens never stopped cuddling with Adkins.

At the vet’s office, Adkins bottle-fed the starving pair and learned they were only 6 weeks old.

Until now, there was no way Adkins would give up on the couple. They crawled into his heart and he wouldn’t let them go.

The vet assured Adkins that the kittens were healthy, so Adkins was free to take them home.

When it came to naming the new additions to his family, Adkins came up with a great idea: TJ and Max.

Because it just so happened that the only reason Adkins was driving that day was because he was investigating a shoplifting incident at a local store called—you guessed it—Tj Makk!

A shoplifting brought these three together, but all these beauties stole were our hearts.

The adorable couple now live with Adkins and his family and are finally safe and sound as can be.