Missing non-verbal 6-year-old with autism has been found dead in pond – rest in peace, Landon

After going missing over the weekend, a 6-year-old kid from Virginia who was nonverbal and diagnosed with autism was discovered dead. According to heartbreaking accounts, Landon “Waldy” Raber was discovered in a tiny pond on the land where he went missing.

In a Facebook post, the Buckingham County Department of Emergency Services stated- although this was not the desired or expected conclusion, they’d want to thank all who helped with the search throughout the evening and night. This involves, but is not limited to, VSP, all Buckingham Volunteer Fire Departments, BCDES, deputies from various other counties, and employees from other volunteer fire department.

Please remember the family and respect their privacy at this terrible time, the agency wrote.Authorities were notified of Landon’s absence at 8:45 p.m. on Sunday, prompting a search effort that included the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Virginia State Police, and the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office. The details behind the 6-year-disappearance old’s have yet to be revealed. The reason of death was not readily disclosed. Landon’s bereaved family organized a memorial service to remember their son in the aftermath of the awful tragedy. According to a statement on the event’s Facebook page it said, this will be a place to pray for and support the family, as well as commemorate Landon ‘Waldy’ Raber’s lovely life.

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