Man buys father’s house from his brothers, they get mad at him when he finds $300,000 there

The man’s brothers didn’t like the house their dad left them as their inheritance. So when he volunteered to buy it, they sold him their shares. But one day, they regretted it and angrily rushed to meet him after he accidentally found a rare family heirloom in the house.

Adam Phillips was alone in his dad’s old mansion. His eyes gushed with tears as he recalled his childhood in the house and the nightmares he endured from his older brothers, Travis and David. “I will meet you soon after many years, dad!” he murmured, holding his late dad’s picture.

A gush of breeze tingled his skin, and he decided to light up the fireplace. As he opened the bolt of the furnace and tried igniting the firewood, something fell, letting out a loud noise. He was spooked and backed off. Then he walked closer to the fireplace, only to find a life-changing heirloom hidden from sight for several decades…Growing up, Adam never had lovely memories of his brothers. They often bullied him for no apparent reason and mocked him. The only person who sided with him was his dad. Mr. Phillips had sent Adam away to a college across two towns so that he could learn how to mold himself into a braver person.

“You need to take a stand for yourself, son…I cannot always do it for you,” he often advised Adam. Since that day, Adam barely came to his hometown, although he remained close to his parents. He visited during his mom’s funeral and witnessed how she had transformed his room into an indoor garden. “Lovely!” he gasped. As he toured around the house, he met his brothers. They never had a good word to say about him and constantly gossiped. “My sons…my boys,” Mr. Phillips shouted in tears. “Do not forget that your old man is still alive… I’d appreciate it if you could visit me often.” The three sons assured their father and embraced him goodbye after the funeral.