Hollywood Star Speaks About Escaping Greasy Gavin’s California And Moving His Family To Texas

Hollywood star James Van Der Beek is feeling no regrets after relocating his family to Texas to escape Los Angeles.

Many Hollywood stars and massive businesses have moved away from California in recent years while the state has continued to embrace radical leftist policies that levy enormous taxes on its wealthy residents.

Van Der Beek, who is known for his roles in Dawson’s Creek and Varsity Blues, spoke to People about the impact that the move had on his family.

I know for me, it’s been really centering and I feel like for the kids, it’s been grounding, and a different kind of education that we never could have offered them in a classroom.

Just the things that we’re all aware of, like what phase the moon is in because we come out, we look at it. I feel like we have a relationship with these natural cycles that are happening.

Rain in L.A., it was like, ‘Ah, man I’m gonna be 20 minutes late because it’s raining.’ Here, it’s a godsend.

Van Der Beek says that moving to Texas has brought his family closer in ways that he couldn’t have imagined before.

He explains that this connection with nature is not the only new experience for his family. They also seem to have a newfound thankfulness for food and cooking.