Bride & Groom Praised For Eloping Due To Their Families’ Intense Interference In Their Nuptials

Weddings should be a happy time for couples, as well as their beloved family members.

If anything, it is a celebration of the union between two hearts and souls as they make their foray into a new chapter of their lives. However, for one man, that celebration never came to pass because of the intense bickering and disagreements between both the bride and groom’s families over the actual ceremony. When the conflicts became too much for the couple to bear, they did the only thing they could think of to end the drama – they eloped.

Naturally, both families were unhappy with their decision and the groom took to Reddit to get the community’s opinion on whether he and his newly wedded wife had done the right thing.

In a post shared on the AITA Reddit forum on April 23, 2021, the man started off by describing the families’ involvement in the planning process as a “complete nightmare.”

“Me M31 and my wife F26 have big families. Both families were excited to share our special day and they came up with suggestions during wedding planning phase which was a complete nightmare,” he wrote. He added that the inability of the two sides to come to certain decisions even lead to the postponement of the big day.

“Both families sent long lists of guests, when I told them they needed to cut down the list cause we couldn’t afford many people. Both families refused and tried to exclude each others. The wedding date got rescheduled several times cause both families couldn’t agree on a specific date. This went on for 6 months!”

Another issue became some family members’s involvement in the wedding proceedings

He wrote in the post: “My sister wanted to be one of my wife’s bridesmaids but my wife already arranged for that. My brother-in-law wanted to be my best man but I already had my friend as best man.”

Even his mother tried to push his wife-to-be into choosing a wedding dress she preferred.

“They argued about everything from the music to the menu, I had a family member write my own speech for me saying he was helping. And Mom wanted my wife to buy the wedding dress SHE liked. This caused both families to argue I was getting fed up but they said They just wanted to share our special day with us,” he wrote.

“Me and my wife come from different towns. My parents insisted to have the wedding in our hometown. While my in-laws demanded to have it in their town. Every night they’d call with ultimatums making this their hill to die on,” he said.

They then decided to elope, after which they got the families together to tell them the news.

“My wife and I stood in the middle of the living room took a deep breath. I counted to 3 then we said it together ‘we eloped!’” he stated.

Naturally, it didn’t go down well. “The room went quiet. My dad yelled ‘my diabetes!’ as in he was in shock. … My mother-in-law blew up and started yelling asking how we could do this to them and act so selfishly towards the people who wanted to share our joy. Now we took that away from them and asked what their guests were going to think after what we pulled,” he wrote.