A Scottish man find a lamp

An English man, a Welsh man and a Scottish man find a lamp One of them give it a rub and a genie pops out. “

Thank you for releasing me! You can have 3 wishes, so I that makes it one wish each!” The Welsh guy goes first, he looks a little shifty, but decides to go ahead anyway

“Genie is it? Alright so, I want you to build a wall between Wales and England, keep the English out!” The English guy goes next, with a wry smile, “Right then, I want you to build a wall ALL the way around England, keep EVERYONE out!” The Scots guy is last and thinks for a minute, “Oi pal!” he say’s to the English guy “

How lanky is this wall o’ yers?” “100ft, chap, no one’s getting across”, say’s the English guy, smugly. “Aye, so Genie, A’ve made up ma mynd, Flood it!”