A robber enters a bank, he pulls out a gun, and he shouts:

A robber enters a bank, he pulls out a gun, and he shouts: “Everyone on the ground. This is a robbery!”. Immediately, everyone in the bank drops down with their hands on their heads except for one man reading a newspaper. The man lowers his newspaper and begins to stare at the robber with an amused look on his face. It makes the robber angry, so he walks towards the man, puts the gun to his face, and asks him: “what so funny, ha?You want to get shot?”.

The man’s amused look turns into a smile as he answers the robber back: “You are joking right?”. The robber, bursting with anger, places the gun one inch away from the man’s face and says: “Say that again. I dare you”. The man, who was previously completely relaxed, is now getting a bit worried. He lowers his newspaper further and says: “No, really. You are not serious, are you?”.

The robber sticks the gun into the man’s forehead and threatens with a more serious tone: “One more word and I swear I am pulling the trigger”. The man, no longer showing … The man, no longer showing the slightest hint of amusement, says: “Look, there is a first time to everything, but this is unbelievable. Do you really have any idea of what you are doing?”.

“that is it!” the robber snaps. “I have a gun, you are unarmed, everybody else is scared to death, and there are zero guards in here! Don’t you understand the situation? I completely got this under control!”. At this point, the man puts down his newspaper with an honest, concerned look on his face.

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