A Family Who Had Recently Moved To New House Came Across A Note From Former Homeowners Regarding The Cat In Their Backyard

When a family had just moved into a new home, they found a note from the previous owners about the cat in their backyard.
When you move from one house to another, the previous owner may give you a bottle of wine to mark the occasion. If you’re lucky, they might leave behind some furniture. They seldom leave an animal alone.

When a family moved into a new house, they were surprised to find an angry note from the previous owners saying that when they bought the house, they also got a garden cat.

The family found out that the cat was born in their garden almost 12 years ago and has stayed there ever since.

“Welcome to our beloved home!” The note started. “We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! There’s a favor we’re asking of you, and you don’t have to do it, but we would appreciate it.”

Well, that’s an odd way to greet someone when they move into a new place, but let’s move on.

“In the garden there is an old orange cat that lives there,” the note continues. “He’s a savage and he was born in our garden 12 years ago. He has an injured claw and won’t let you near him. We feed him (everyday) twice a day and we have him for years.”

Oh, man, couldn’t that have been talked about when the papers were signed and the closing costs were guaranteed?

“We immediately looked out the back sliding glass door and he was looking at us through the door,” said Miranda, the woman who bought the house and found the note.

Lucky for Miranda and her husband, they thought the situation was funny. “We started laughing because we have five cats now, and all but one of them were rescued,” said Miranda. “People would leave their cats at the house we used to live in, and we would take them.”

Well, if that isn’t the weirdest of coincidences!
The house’s former owners were probably afraid to mention the cat when they were trying to sell it so Miranda wouldn’t back down. But nothing else has happened since. Miranda took the cat in as a member of her family, of course.

She called him Raz, and she was determined to make him feel like he was part of her family and warm enough to trust them and maybe even come in sometimes.

He finally started to get better after a while! “Every time we came to the door, he would hide. She said, “Now we can sit outside with him.” Something we had never done before.”

Miranda loves cats a lot, and it’s clear that she’d do anything to help her cat. She wants her story to make people want to help lost animals by taking them in.

“If you can afford to care for an animal in need, you should,” Miranda said. “There’s nothing quite like earning their trust and helping them spend their time comfortably and feeling loved.”

He was called Raz by his new family, and at first he was too scared to even get close to them. But he eventually started to calm down. Miranda says he doesn’t run away when he sees them anymore, and he’s fine with them coming to the door and meowing for food.

The new people who moved into the house were lucky for Raz. This sweet story shows that some people are still willing to do a little extra work to help animals that can’t protect themselves.